When a Canadian curator brings together artists from around the world to discuss the issue of care, it generates a deep reflection on our society…

With the Take care exhibition showcasing Toronto’s artistic scene, activated by performances, discussions and workshops, Canadian curator Christine Shaw invites artists working elsewhere in the world to introduce new tools to explore care in the French context.

These artists present their work for the first time in France and offer new perspectives on the precariousness of work, medical and prison institutions, migration, or even environmental management, thus questioning us on how art, activism, collective self-help, feminist practices, queer culture, indigenous knowledge, or a closer relationship with the land, can contribute to a better recognition of care as a social and cultural force.

Between care and concern, the notion of care invites a transversal reflection on our society. In a global context of “care crisis”, it is important to revalue and politicize care by exploring the forms and relationships it can take, in co-production with Blackwood Gallery of Mississauga and in partnership with the Canadian Cultural Centre, the exhibition will be on display at the Centre d’art de la ferme du buisson in Marne-la-Vallée until July 21.

The works of artists Stephanie Comilang, Steven Eastwood, Jeneen Frei Njootli, Sheena Hoszko, Kwentong Bayan Collective, Hazel Meyer and Cait McKinney, Raju Rage, Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory will be on display.

More informations : www.lafermedubuisson.com