MOBILITY GRANT – Dr. Baniasadi researcher in the University of Victoria went to France to INRIA Rennes

Thanks to a mobility grant from the Scientific Service, Dr. Baniasadi, researcher in Computer Architecture, Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, went to France to meet with Dr. Collange from INRIA Rennes.

In this visit Dr. Baniasadi offered a talk presenting his latest work on Super-Resolution Generation using Convolutional Neural Networks. This talk was well attended and followed up with an extensive Q&A session. In addition Dr. Baniasadi had meetings with Dr. Collange where the host presented his work on compiler optimizations for quantum computers. Both researchers discussed collaboration opportunities in different areas and in particular quantum computing.

After his return, Dr. Baniasadi met with M. Sutter, Consul General of France in Vancouver on August 12, 2018 during a networking event organized by the cultural services on the occasion of the visit of a French delegation at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver.

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