Take advantage of this period of confinement to contribute to the development of scientific research on the impact of climate change on the seasons.

As a family, individually from your personal computer or in class, you will take part in a workshop introducing phenology (the study of the impact of climate change on ecosystems) before embarking on field observations. You will then be invited to share your experiences with specialists in order to advance research.

The first presentation workshop will take place at the end of April. Field trips are to be planned from May onwards. During your observations, you will be asked to take photographs that you will share online accompanied by several important pieces of information for researchers (the process will be explained in the first webinar). An assessment of your observations will be made during the second webinar (specific date to be determined).

This project is proposed by the Cultural and Scientific Service of the Embassy of France in Canada and the French participatory science program ODS (Observatoire des Saisons) with the support of CTF (Canadian Teachers’ Federation).

Two webinars will take place on April 30, at the following times (French time) and for different audiences:

7pm: 10 to 14 yo

8:30 pm: from 15 yo and onwards

To follow the webinar, it’s very simple! Just go to this Youtube channel and watch it live.

An interactive quiz will take place during the webinar.


To register, contact C├ęcile Heijnen at : [email protected].


Here is a video presentation of the project made by Floriane Flacher, specialist in phenology at the University of Aix-Marseille. She will accompany you throughout this beautiful adventure.