Online French media platforms

You are a teacher in Canada.

You are looking for teaching resources in French for your classroom.

The French media maintain educational platforms that teachers can use in the classroom.

  • Teach French with TV5 Monde
  • RFI Savoirs: keys to understanding the world in French
  • FranceTV Education: cultivating a desire to learn
  • Institut national de l’audiovisuel: Jalons educational platform

Teach French with TV5 Monde

For you, as French teachers, TV5MONDE is:

  • An original, appealing educational approach for you and your students;
  • A wealth of audiovisual resources drawn from TV5MONDE programming and multimedia content: authentic, contemporary documents;
  • Hundreds of worksheets developed with teams of experts;
  • New activities for learners of all levels, every day;
  • A considerable time-saver with ready-to-use dossiers that can be downloaded in a single click;
  • An invaluable counterpart to textbooks to work with visual documents on different topics.

RFI Savoirs: keys to understanding to the world in French

The Apprendreetenseigner le français [Learn and Teach French] section makes it possible for anyone to improve their proficiency in French or to integrate radio content into their teaching. Developed for specific purposes, the programs and dossiers are starting points for educational activities, both for learners and for educators.

French teachers will find practical documents that will help them integrate current events into their French lessons. A “media education” section provides ideas meant to help understand and experience radio content in the classroom.

For international users who wish to learn French, the site includes a series of bilingual programs so that students can learn at their own pace with an interactive, progressive course of study that accompanies the broadcasts.

For learners of all levels and for educators, the subject-specific clips are accompanied by comprehension aides and teaching tools to help learners improve their oral comprehension, enrich their vocabulary in French, and work on their written and oral expression in a fun, dynamic way.

FranceTV Education: cultivating the desire to learn

This digital resource from France Télévisions has taken on the mission of offering actors involved in education—students, teachers, parents—the best audiovisual content in order to promote the civic education of children and their access to culture. 3000 videos, including more than 350 related to scientific culture, are accessible to all.

This content (video, images, texts, animations…), which is updated every day, is accessible free of charge for use in a home or school setting.

FranceTVEducation constantly receives new interactive content that is taken from France Télévisions programming or contributed by public and private partners.

Institut national de l’audiovisuel: Jalons educationalplatform

Through its educational website called Jalons, the Institut national de l’audiovisuel offers teachers more than 1,750 downloadable audiovisual documents dating from 1914 to the present day. These documents are taken from the radio, television, and the visual press.

These audiovisual documents have been selected based on major curriculum subjects that may be of interest to teachers at both the primary and secondary levels: visual arts, music, physical education, media and information studies, ethic and civic studies, French, geography, history, art history, literature, economic and social science, and science and technology.

Users can access content by level and by subject. The site incorporates a search engine and four navigation options: “tile”, a chronological look at videos; “map”, videos organized by location; “list”, which offers a sortable and filterable list of videos; and “subject”, which presents a pie chart of videos by subject. It is also possible to select subject-specific courses of study and to create dossiers to share with your students.