CANOPé network:  the network for pedagogical creativity and support

You are a teacher in Canada.

You are looking for French-language teaching resources for your classroom.

The French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, through the Canopé network, produces digital teaching resources designed to meet the needs of the educational community. As a major player in the restructuring of the school system, it combines innovation and pedagogy to bring education into the digital era.

  • Educational platforms
  • Applications for tablets and smartphones
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Educational platforms

The CANOPé network regularly produces educational platforms that offer users broad access to high-quality editorial content. These platforms, which are very open and accessible without restrictions, are primarily intended for teachers who will use it to find resources for the classroom.


The objective of the Corpus platform is to provide resources that will help teachers address issues related to health and to the relationships that young people have with their bodies.

La grande école du sport

The Canopé network has developed a platform of resources facilitating interdisciplinary exploration of the topic of sports.

D-Day, the Odyssey
Dedicated app

The educational platform D-Day, the Odyssey was created in honour of celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the landing of Allied troops in Normandy, France. This platform examines the Allied Landings from both a historical perspective and a technological perspective.


Nine short films. For each of them, the platform offers an introduction to the film, points for analysis, and educational activities to be used in the classroom.

Lire, une année d’apprentissage de la lecture

This web-documentary is designed for education professionals and the parents of students. It is based on the work of a Grade 1 students filmed over the course of a school year in two schools: one hundred scenes filmed; videos and scenes recorded in the classroom; testimonials from teachers, parents, researchers, experts, and social psychologists; excerpts from articles and educational works; archived images, etc.

COP 21 at school

A new site dedicated to education about sustainable development: information essential for students to understand issues related to increasing global temperatures and sample projects that have been carried out in other schools.

Les petits ateliers

Fun and educational activities for teachers and supervisors of extracurricular activities: science, sports, theatre… Accompanying documents: detailed workshop sheets, session videos, and interviews with authors.

Les mathématiques en classe

In this web-documentary, Stella Barukworks with a team of Grade 1–3 educators to examine teaching principles applicable to mathematics: the importance of language and the status of errors; videos recorded in Grade 1–2 and Grade 2–3 classes; and group analyses and remarks filmed after the class.

Les énergivores

An educational webseries about energy use: 20 downloadable animated films (90 seconds long) full of humour and energy, accompanied by various educational materials.

Apps for smartphones and tablets

As moments, places, and methods of learning and education evolve, the CANOPé network sought to explore new outlets for the development of educational contest. With this in mind, applications for tablets and smartphones are developed on a regular basis, with a list of applications published by the CANOPé network below.

The links provided below lead to the Apple Store, but most of these applications are available via Google Play for Android devices as well.


A game for practicing mental math.


An application that gets students to develop virtual obstacle courses. This application also comes with another document. A video tutorial series for teachers is also available on our YouTube channel.

D-Day, the Odyssey

This game complements the educational platform presented previously. Players explore the depths of the Baie de Seine in Normandie, France, looking for traces and vestiges of the landings that took place in June 1944.

Corpus Gang

This is a game for smartphones and touchscreen tablets. While the Corpus educational platform is meant more specifically for teachers, Corpus Gang addresses young teenagers more directly. The Corpus Gang application can be downloaded for free from the Play Store (for Android devices) and the AppStore (for Apple devices).