Dear publisher,

Twice a year you can apply to our Publication Support Program funded by Institut Français. If you do not know it already: this grant supports copyright transfers from French into foreign languages and is paid directly to the French publishers on your behalf. It covers all kinds of books (except for text books, technical books, or how-to guides).

If you are interested, please email our book officer.

And it works! 2020 sessions have supported acquisitions of 6 books in Canada.

You should keep in mind that for this grant any projects submitted must be underway but not completed; no grants will be issued for any books that have already been published. The publication dates must therefore be at least three months later than the date at which the committee is meeting to issue its decision


  1. A copyright transfer agreement signed by both publishing houses and clearly specifying, with exact figures, the amount of the copyright transfer.
  2. A balanced budget to the nearest cent, dated and signed by the canadian publishing house, and which clearly states, in euros*, the amount of the grant required. It can be provided in English. You may download a blank model budget table here. Please be aware that this budget truly needs to be balanced (equal numbers in spending and receipt).
  3. Two original copies in French of the partnership agreement** signed by the canadian publisher. One copy, signed by the Institut Français, will be sent back to you after invoicing.

*For rates, use the rates set by the Chancery at the date of issue of the contract, and not at its date of signature
** Here is an English version of the agreement and here is an English version of the budget.  Not suitable for application but probably easier to read!

4. To facilitate the application, please add a few words about the title you want to translate and about the translator you want to work with by completing this form.

You want to know more? Click here to email our Book officer!