april, 2018

27aprallday01julalldayVANCOUVER - Exhibition @ New Media Gallery(All Day) PST New Media Gallery, 777 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3M 5V2

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Trace presents four works from six artists, and four of them are French. Each work details complex human-technological interactions. The representation of a face or the translation of a body to lines, marks and signals gives us insights into the way machines imagine, see, learn and remember us. Over time we have developed technologies to make interpretive marks through systems such as drawing media, perspective, printing, code. As we develop deeper understandings of these technologies we increasingly merge with them. This exhibition speaks to the complex relationships developing between makers and technologies and looks at the marks we leave.

Here are the works presented by the French artists:

Human Study #1, 5RNP, by Patrick Tresset

Human Study #1, 5RNP is a theatrical installation consisting of five robots named Paul. Five robots draw a human model.

Modulateur-Démodulateur, by Arnauld Colcomb and Bertrand Planes

Modulateur-Démodulateur consists of a large transmitter and receiver, hand-built in the gallery. A pre-existing image is teleported via the device, scanned, converted into sound data, and is then reconstructed into a changing pattern of lines, dots and marks with residual sound

Deep, by Gregory Chatonsky

Deep uses software that learns to draw based on a series of drawings the artist made in 1992, as well as books that teach drawing. Based on developing research into neural networks, and the source code of Google and Facebook for Deep Learning, the machine learns from our world to produce images of an alternative world.

For any further information, please visit the gallery’s website.


April 27 (Friday) - July 1 (Sunday) PST


New Media Gallery

777 Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3M 5V2

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