Laureate of the France-Canada Research Fund (FCRF) in 2016, Dr. Martin is visiting Vancouver and the Haida Gwaii. Dr. Jean-Louis Martin is collaborating with Dr. Susan Grayston of UBC on a research project in ecology. They study the impact of the introduction of non-native species into ecosystems.

Dr. Sue Grayson                                                                     Dr. Jean-Louis Martin

Description of the project :

The introduction of non-native animal species into an ecosystemis altering the world’s natural communities and their ecological character at an unprecedented rate and is now par with atmospheric and land-use change as a major human-induced driver of climate change.

The introduction of non-indigenous Sitka Black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus sitkensis) to Haida Gwaii, the most isolated and largest archipelago in Canada in the 1870s, and the absence of deer predators, resulted inan explosion of deer populations and has had major impacts on the plant and songbird communities of this archipelago. While the direct impact is well established on vegetation, there is a lack of knowledge about the indirect impact that deer may have on belowground organisms and processes.

The research teams of Dr. Martin and Dr. Grayston will undertake new field research to measure the cycles of carbon and nitrogen from different ecosystems (deer, no deer, deer removed 18 years ago). This data will then be analyzed at UBC while Drs. Martin and Grayston will organize a symposium for the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution (CSEE). The results of this research should be published in the fall of 2017.

France-Canada Research Fund (FFCR) :

The mission of the France-Canada Research Fund (FCRF) is to encourage and develop scientific and academic exchanges between France and Canada in all fields of knowledge, from the “hard” sciences to the human and social sciences.

The France Canada Research Fund’s ”New Collaborations program”, created in 2000, makes it possible for French and Canadian teams to acquire funding for new scientific projects. Projects submitted for consideration must be joint projects between a French institution (all universities, Grandes Écoles, and research organizations are eligible) and one of the 20 Canadian FCRF member universities.

Composition of teams involved in the project :

  • Dr. Jean Louis Martin, research Director at the Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, CNRS
  • Dr. Susan Grayston, professor and Canada Research Chair in Soil Microbial Ecology, UBC